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Impact of Solar Freeze

  1. Reduced Food Loss and Waste in the fresh produce agricultural sector by 90 percent.
  2. Increased incomes for rural smallholder women and youth farmers by 70 percent.
  3. A complete supply chain system powered by renewable energy consisting of Solar Powered Mobile Cold Rooms and Milk dispensing ATM’s running on renewable energy.
  4. Eliminated use of diesel powered generators for cold storage as well as reduced deforestation in rural areas since smallholder farmers become more productive with the land they already have since post harvest loss is reduced.
  5. Mentoring and training young women and the youth into the field of renewable energy and agriculture. Through a program called “Each One, Teach One” where rural and urban youth gain practical hand on technical skills and are guided on how to operate equipment powered by renewable energy for agriculture.
  6. Improving and increasing agricultural production and food security.
  7. Cheaper fresh food produce and reduced malnutrition for bottom of the pyramid consumers in towns and cities since customers work within their budget while purchasing milk at the solar powered ATM vending machine. The project also provides an energy efficient way throughout the lifecycle of fresh produce.
  8. Elimination of plastic waste and plastic packaging for milk produce since bottom of the pyramid customers will use eco-friendly recyclable bottles when purchasing milk and on repeat occasions.

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